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Starck Helmet

Preeminent industrial designer Philippe Starck has collaborated with Giro (renown for high performance bike accessories and apparel) for this spectacular and futuristic bicycle helmet collection. The S+ARCKBIKE Helmets combine aluminum, cork and sophisticated industrial design, and include…


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Textilmacher Office Building

Located in the industrial zone on north Munich, Textilmacher Office Building hosts production and office spaces for textile print and embroidery. This three-story building has geometrically folded facade with the matt bright surface of the anthracite pigmented concrete responds to its…


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Memo Bottle

The Memo bottle – creating the balance between environmental sustainability and convenience. A4, A5 and Letter sized re-usable Bottles. In an effort to reduce the amount of single use plastic bottles being manufactured everyday, they have designed the memobottle; a durable, …


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DemerBox Rugged Wireless Boombox

The DemerBox is the brainchild of James Demer, a location sound mixer who’s worked on films like Bowling for Columbine and Winter’s Bone. Each one is assembled by hand in Portland, Maine, and among the stress tests it receives is a dunk in a fish tank. The Bluetooth-enabled box is said to be wate…


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Dessert Sushi

One thing is guaranteed, sushi is not for everything. Some people put on the “sour face” when they think of sushi so if you are totally not a fan of raw fish, maybe, just maybe you might fancy raw cookie dough. Dessert sushi as it is known is the best delicatessen to secretly indulge …


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iPhone Case For Memos And More

The iPhone memo case is a product created by Kate Zhang, a designer based in China. We all know that there are many options when it comes to iPhone cases, but Kate has come up with something that could come very handy to some people, it is smartphone protector with a great useful feature that c…


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Moleskine Livescribe Notebook

Livescribe Notebook is probably one of the best things since sliced bread. It may look like the generic Moleskine, but this is totally different. When you write with Livescribe Smartpen, it automatically sketches your notes and drawings back up onto your iPad. The pen knows exactly where the l…


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1965 Volkswagen Deluxe Micro Bus

This iconic vehicle is one of the best micro buses to hit the year 1965, but it is one of the rare and highly sought-after 21-Window Micro Buses so if you have ever owned the micro bus, consider yourself very lucky. This beauty is quite something and for those of you who wish to own one, it will …


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Hally’s Cafe Inspired By California

Hally’s is a Californian-inspired food haven using organic and ethical produce as much as possible. Inspired by a road trip in California, they realised that the Golden State had got it right: keep ingredients fresh and well sourced, be bold with flavours and add some sunshine! From modest …


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Office Of F.O.B

This super cool office is situated in Burgenland, Austria. The work of art of Austrian Architecture, heri & salli. This is an extraordinary place to work, with a wood building embedded into a climbing scaffold cube, it looks like a non-completion project, in fact the spatial grid …