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2015 Mercedes Benz AMG C63

Mercedes-Benz AMG has revealed the beautiful 2015 Mercedes Benz AMG C63, still capturing the aura and essence of the AMG. The C-Class line-up is driven by a 4.0-litre V8 biturbo engine closely related to the power unit that provides amazing propulsion with power spectrum ranges from 350 kW  in th…


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Samsung Level Over Headphones

Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones Offering both wired and wireless, these versatile headphones are the perfect solution for consumers who appreciate both premium sound and the freedom that wireless technology has to offer. The Level Over works with Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets or any…


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Phat Panda Smartphone Case

Phat Panda is a range of Smartphone Cases which are made from Bamboo or Wood. The organisation is primarily focused with creating products made from our natural environment. Each Phat Panda Smartphone case is made with distinct and unique patterns, makes your case the only one out there. People …


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Record Player by Crosley

This modern record player was created just for you by the wonderful company Crosley. With the simple touch of a button, you can effortlessly record all of those 33′s, 45′s, 78′s records and even cassettes directly to CD. If the music doesn’t take you back in time, the…


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Coffee Table Aquarium

The Coffee Table Aquarium is the perfect addition to any bachelor pad. The saying there are plenty of fishes in the sea has never before been so apt. This incredibly cool Coffee Table Aquarium is sure to give your city slick apartment the perfect amount of edge and intrigue. It may be slightly…


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Onewheel has to be one of the most unique skateboard we’ve seen and a lot of people would agree because the Onewheel launched successfully on Kickstarter in January 2014 and received tons of backers which is why the Onewheel is now a reality. The Onewheel was developed and created by an inv…


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Will.i.am Launches ill.i Optics Eyewear Collection

Rapper, entrepreneur, voice actor, actor, record producer, and philanthropist, Will.I. Am has unveiled his first ever eyewear collection, ill.i Optics. The collection is the epitome of Wills’ personality, his monochrome, futuristic sense of fashion and style. Will.I.Am and glasses c…


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Spatula Wine Holder

This amazing Spatula Wine Holder, is a really simple yet cool design from Emerging Creatives. The company was formed when a group of design students and graduates joined forces to design and manufacture unique and innovative furniture. Their creation of the Spatula Wine Holder is something we…


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Nike LeBron 12 Basketball Shoes

Nike Basketball has finally introduced the LeBron 12 of 10 time All-Star , LeBron James. The Nike LeBron 12 Basketball Shoe are thee finest performance shoe to date. These basketball shoes were specifically made to enhance game play performance with natural flexibility, superior cushioning and h…


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Ferrari Carbon Fiber Chess Set

Talk about playing with style, Ferrari has taken this to a whole new level with the Ferrari Carbon Fiber Chess Set. Yep! you heard right, Chess Set. The Ferrari Carbon Fiber Chess Set is handmade from wood covered with carbon fiber and a the finishing touch of the enamel Ferrari shield. It still …