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Qoros Ebiqe Bike

Chinese automotive manufacturing company Qoros have presented at the Geneva Motor Show their new futuristic electric bike, the Qoros eBIQE Concept. eBIQE is a mountain bike styled concept, perfect for commuting, leisurely rides or off-road adventures. Riders can choose from three cycling modes, p…


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Contemporary Outdoor Couch

Is there anything worse than being in a wet bathing suit on uncomfortable furniture? We don’t think so. Which is why as summer kicks in, we’d like to give a nod to Zuri. The contemporary furniture company has just released their first outdoor collection! Not only does the line look stylish, it pr…


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Campsite Hotel For Travelers

Base Camp Bonn Young Hostel of Germany is an exciting and interesting place to stay if you’re up for fun adventures overseas. With a new wave of hip and design oriented design hostels taking over in many parts of Europe, this theme has a unique approach of its own. A huge industrial complex has b…


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The Box Office, Literally

Looking for a way to implement green strategies into your business? Cellulose is a fantastic solution composed of 30% recycled material. This cardboard cubical designed by Coudamy Design is equipped with a table and booth seating. A hybrid furniture piece and office space, the lightweight car…


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Infiniti Eau Rouge

What makes a great striptease dance? It is the slow and seductive removal of all the items that hide the magic beneath. The Infiniti Eau Rouge has just started us on an incredible automotive tease, showing us the beautiful red outfit, the sexy curve of the body, and the seductive gleam of…


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Optic Illusion “The Grass Globe”

Were you a bit fooled by French artist François Abélanet’s grassy 3-D anamorphosis optical illusion? If so, admit it. “Qui Croire?” which means “Who to believe?” is a sprawling mass of grass of sand that appears when viewed at the proper angle as though it were a l…


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Customizible Speaker

Do it yourself custom products are getting better and better.The first ever portable speaker that you can customize with your art, photos, and text. Uploading your content is easy and your design will be shown to you in real time using our proprietary virtual product-view technology. Once you’re …


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The Wonder Bar

W Hotels are known for creating intensely chic environments that really allow a design theme to take over and get carried away. While not every W can be overtly over the top, the W Montreal is home to the “Wunderbar,” a colorful space with plenty of soft sweeping light and undulating form…


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Jaguar F Type

James Bond always had the coolest cars, but Jaguar has just made it possible for you to drive a car that would make Bond envious, very envious. The sexy new Jaguar F-Type comes standard with a 340 HP supercharged V-6, an 8-speed QuickShift automatic transmission, center mounted dual exhaust with…


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Verrado Electric Drift Trike

Trike drifting, a new pastime that appears to have originated in New Zealand a few years back, and involves gutsy adventurers riding their customized motorless three-wheeled machines down steep hills while occasionally challenging the laws of physics. Arizona-based Local Motors is looking to…