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Apple iPhone 6

Apple has officially announced the iPhone 6, it will be the eighth generation of iPhone. Say what you like about Apple, but it’s a brand that’s always put design at the forefront of its new handsets. Even the iPhone 5S, probably the most unimaginative of all of Cupertino’s…


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Flower Power

The Flower Power pot accessory is a cheerful way to keep the lid of the pot slightly open, so steam can escape. This nifty product will help avoid those irritating spill overs we all get when cooking. The Flower Power is designed by the innovative brand OTOTO. The product is simple and will…


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Bamboo Revolution Watches

The watches created by Bamboo Revolution are a brand which was born out of the University of Cape Town’s Postgraduate Entrepreneurship Programme in 2012. Bamboo Revolution is a proudly South African business which created simplistic but beautiful watched for men and women. Bamboo Revolution is a …


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I Was Shot In Joburg :)

The I was shot in joburg brand is something which started in 2009 as a community project.   I was shot in joburg provides a platform for former street children to learn photography skills and from that they can generate an income. This project was initially started to help gets kids off the s…


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Nuon Headquarters In Amsterdam

Interior design and decorating is all about exploring and playing around with some unique touches to create a work of art visually, and Heyligers Design+Project have done exactly that with the awesome quirk filled Nuon Headquarters In Amsterdam. The company is a diverse pool of utility workers,…


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Beef & Liberty Restaurant

The Beef & Liberty Restaurant is situated in Hong Kong and is known as one of the fashionable food boutique/cafe. Food lovers understand that food is not just about food, but about where you eat it as well so travelling to Shanghai to have a taste of Beef & Liberty is not such a train…


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Anymote Universal Remote

Technology is becoming more and more advanced by the day, the Anymote Universal Remote proves that technology has reached a completely different level of intelligence. The Anymote Universal Remote automates your home, it enables you to activate/deactivate a whole lot of gadgets just by the tips…


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Modular Library Studio

Having a backyard library in your home can be very beneficial, you get to read and learn, get some peace and quiet and its just simply a great hide-out when you not in the mood for a crowd. 3rd Space has created this amazing Modular Library Studio. If you are a book collector then this is the…


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Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is an Inland situated in Botswana, surrounded by the dry desserts of the Kalahari. The Okavango Delta is known for its beautiful African experience, boasting with safari activities that could leave one spiritually healed. The Okavango Delta is home to the most beautiful…


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Ice-Cream Cake Village By Nendo For Haagen Dazs

Nendo, a Japanese Design Studio has designed an Ice-Cream Cake Village for globally known brand Häagen-Dazs to sell for the Festive Season. The inspiration behind selling the Ice-Cream Cake Village during the festive season is because the festive season is about togetherness, family time and re…