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2015 Aston Martin Vantage S V12 Roadster

Aston Martin has done it again. Just when you think the luxury auto maker’s models can’t get any more beautiful, they pull the curtain back on the all new 2015 Aston Martin Vantage S V12 Roadster. Sure this 2-door sports car looks beautiful with its bespoke front grille trimmed in carbon fiber an…


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iCoil Cord Organsing Earphones

Say no more to tangled earphones, and allow the Cord organising earphones to make your life easier. Music head will die for these because one way or the other, you might already experienced the tangling issue. Colin Kent says, “I came up with the idea for iCoil one day when I was driving…


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Patch n Ride

Punctures are the bane of cyclists’ existence, not least because they seem to happen at the most inopportune moments and require getting your hands dirty to fix. While New York’s Bikestock equipment vending machines have aimed to make available 24 hours a day the tools riders need to fix their bi…


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Supercool Soundcloud Headquarters

Architectural firm Kinzo Berlin recently completed the SoundCloud’s new headquarters that rises close to the former Berlin Wall. The three-story, 4,000 sqm repurposed brewery has become the new office for all 180 German employees of the internationally renowned online music platform. Looking for …


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Bicycle In A Bag

The concept called Kit Bike, a simple white bicycle that’s easily assembled, disassembled, and stored in a circular leather backpack which is split into 3 sections to store the 2 wheels and all of the components. There are 21 parts that would quickly twist and lock together, then get secured w…


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Multi-Tool Dog Tag

There’s certainly no shortage of great multi-tool options on the market today, but getting everything we need from a small, portable package has been a bit of a challenge. Premetheus Design Werx is doing something pretty amazing as they unveil their Standard Issue Dog Tag Tool. Shaped just like y…


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iSkelter Caddy

As anyone with negative firsthand experience can tell you, smartphones and tall glasses of lemonade don’t mix well. With the modern day desires of having your mobile device next to you at all times, and the ancient desires of having your thirst quenched, it makes sense to maintain a little order …


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Photo Printed Keyboard Protectors

Photo-printed keyboard protectors and pop culture-themed gadget stickers are just some of these vivid laptop decals. The artful tech accessories marry aesthetics with function and protect your laptop device while expressing one’s interests and sense of style. From cleverly conceived …


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Quirky Shark Pencil Case

It definitely would be more fun if quirky pencil cases were on your list. Characteristic carriers get extra points because if you are genuinely attached to your case then there’s less chance you will lose it. Losing your entire collection of perfect pens, expensive calculator and that…


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Eco Zoom Stove

Smoking some fresh-caught fish on a wood stove outdoors is the kind of alluring image that makes us forget about the insane amount of bugs involved with a camping trip. And EcoZoom’s Zoom Dura Rocket Stove might be the one to bring. At just 10.25 inches tall, the Dura efficiently burns wood (and …