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Hyper Realistic Big Face Animal T-Shirts

Put on one of these ultra realistic big face animal shirts and jump out of a dark corner. The photo-realistic image will have them screaming and running for cover in an instant. These shirts are so realistic you feel like the animal is going to jump off of your chest and take over the…


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Star Wars Santa Cruz Skatebaords

Santa Cruz has now partnered up with the LucasFilm away for this Star Wars skateboard collection. With summer just on the horizon, Santa Cruz skateboards knew that now was the perfect time to unveil the collection. There are 5 different limited edition skateboards within the series, all of which…


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Bat Helmet

While Batman has always had a large impact on pop culture, it’s hard to argue that Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy didn’t help resurrect the caped crusader’s popularity. The design team at Helmet Dawg have tapped into that popularity, using the DC Comics character as inspiration for t…


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Stylish Rocking Chair

Do you remember the days when your grandmother used to rock you to sleep as a child? In every house, there is always the loving staple of a rocking chair and their look is pretty common across the board. Rocking chairs are known for inducing comfort, reflection, soothing, and precious moments …


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Lotus Bike

British sportscar maker Lotus is getting into the world of two-wheel motorsports, the brand unveiled today the first photos of the Lotus C-01 high-performance motorbike. However, Lotus will not be manufacturing the superbike, German racing firm Kodewa has been granted a license to produce the…


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Portable Vertex Stove

You can go hungry out there on the open trails, but toting a heavy portable stove around is far from efficient. Austin based product designer Kevin decided it was time for a change, and introduced the Vertex Ultralight Backpacking Stove. So just how light is light? Try 1.8 ounces. It’s made from …


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Bowen Knife Belt with Money Pocket

Bowen Knife Company are selling this ingenious and stealthy combination of a knife buckle and leather belt. Most knives are annoying to conceal and carry around, this handy Belt Knife Buckle can quickly be removed from the leather belt sheath when called upon. A unique accessory that allows guys …


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Magnetic Hanger

The Cliq Premium Magnetic Hangers managed to run away with a Red Dot design award as a top new design. What makes these clothes hangers so unique? Instead of hook, the hangers use tiny, but powerful, magnets to stick to the metal hanging rod. The concept is a unique way to overcome hangers…


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Lexus RC F Coupe

Lexus has us standing at attention. Their Lexus RC F Performance Coupe is being promoted because of its hot new 450 HP V-8 engine that blasts out over 383 foot-pounds of torque requiring Lexus to use a Torque Vectoring Differential to control all the power and performance. We think that, along…


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Glass Cristallino Foosball Table

Teckell products made in Italy are some of the best around, and with their reputation and high design profile they can be an artful addition to your home or entertaining space. With the ‘Cristallino’ collection, the overall look is a sleek and modern design with a glass frame and aluminum parts f…