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Bomber Barrel Bag By Bomber Barrel

The Man Bag has become a major trend for many, some may still be old fashioned and say “Men don’t carry bags”, but trendsetters and the fashion focused have adapted. One of the many amazing Man Bags would be the Bomber Barrel Bag By Bomber Barrel. The Bomber Barrel redefines …


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Laucala Island Resort in Fiji

When you need a break, all you can think of is just being on a island far away where birds sing and don’t chirp, where life is care free and just a bliss of luxury, Laucala Island Resort in Fiji is the place to be. Yep! Fiji and no, they don’teat people. They have some of the most…


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Taking pictures has become a form of communication to many people around the world hence the powerful revolution of taking a selfie, but sometimes you may need a 360 degree snapshot of where you are as well, the Bublcam can certainly help in that area. Bubl Technology was founded in 2011 by Sean …


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The Verb Hotel

We have seen some of the most beautiful and most regal hotels around the world but we have to say that the Verb Hotel is indeed the most urban pop cultured hotel we’ve seen. The vibe of the hotel is an amazing fusion of retro and urban pop culture with a bursting variety of colours, their…


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Converse Jack Purcell Black Moto Jacket Sneaker

If you have been around, you should know “Jack Purcell” (not the person, but the sneaker). Well! This iconic brand is about to release the most amazing pair to date, the Converse Jack Purcell Black Moto Jacket Sneaker. The inspiration of the Converse Jack Purcell Black Moto Jacket S…


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Air Jordan Future Premium Dark Chocolate

The Jordan Brand is growing stronger and stronger and has become one of the most successful celebrity/sport sneaker range in recent time. Set to release this week, on the 18 of October are the Air Jordan Future Premium Dark Chocolate. The Air Jordan Future Premium Dark Chocolate is a high end …


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LEGO Ferrari F40

LEGO has proven that they can do anything but that still does not deny the skill behind what they do. It is absolutely impeccable what they have been able to create using Lego toys, this includes the LEGO Ferrari F40. The Lego Ferrari F40 is basically one of many beautiful artworks inspired by…


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Dubai Miracle Garden

The Dubai Miracle Garden is know as the most beautiful garden in the world, attracting everyone who sets foot in it. It is an absolute marvel to see. The Miracle Garden can be located in the North West Quadrant of Arabian Ranches interchange along Shiekh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road within Dubai Land…


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Brick Wallpaper

Wallpaper has become a favourite to many around the world and designers have been experimenting with unique ideas, out of the boundry ideas like this amazing Brick Wallpaper. The Brick wallpaper offers a raw approach in design, it is very rough but still oozes with a realistic feeling. The UK…


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Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone

Nothing beats the best quality and sound,  the Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone is exactly that, the best of both worlds. It fuses old school/ retro vibes and modern/new school so age ain’t a factor when it comes to the “Gramavox”. The Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone is a si…